Topic: Babies

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbabyba‧by1 /ˈbeɪbi/ ●●● S1 W1 noun (plural babies) [countable]    1 Image of baby young childCHILDSSCBABY/HAVE A BABY a very young child who has not yet learned to speak or walk  The baby is crying.  She gave birth to a baby on Thursday.  What do you think of your new baby sister? test-tube baby2 young animalANIMAL/PLANTHBAHBP a very young animal  baby birds3 vegetable a type of vegetable which is grown to be much smaller than usual or is eaten before it has grown to its normal size  baby carrots  baby sweetcorn 4 youngestBROTHER/SISTERSSFCHILD a younger child in a family, often the youngest  Clare is the baby of the family.5 woman spoken a) TALK TO somebodyLOVEused to address someone that you loveRelax, baby – we’re on holiday. b) TALK TO somebodyWOMAN not polite used to address a young woman that you do not know 6 silly personSILLYSTUPID/NOT SENSIBLE someone, especially an older child, who is not behaving in a brave way  Don’t be a baby!7 responsibilityTHING something special that someone has developed or is responsible for  Don’t ask me about the building contract – that’s Robert’s baby.8 thing informal something, especially a piece of equipment or a machine, that you care about a lot  This baby can reach speeds of 130 miles per hour. throw the baby out with the bathwaterCOLLOCATIONSverbsa baby is bornLet me know as soon as the baby is born.have a baby/give birth to a babyShe had the baby at home.Sue gave birth to a baby expecting a baby (=be pregnant)My wife’s expecting a baby.a baby is due (=is expected to be born)When is your baby due?lose a baby (=have a baby that dies when it is born too soon)She was three months pregnant when she lost the baby.deliver a baby (=help a woman to give birth to a baby)Usually your baby will be delivered by a midwife.abandon a baby (=leave your baby somewhere because you do not want it)A disturbing number of babies are abandoned by their mothers.feed a babyIf your baby cries, she may want feeding.breast-feed a baby63% of new mothers breast-feed their babies.change a baby (=change its nappy)Could you change the baby for me?adjectivesa newborn babyThere’s plenty of help and advice for people with newborn unborn baby (=not yet born)Drinking alcohol is bad for your unborn baby.a premature baby (=born before the normal time)Lesley’s baby was three weeks abandoned baby (=left somewhere by a mother who does not want it)The abandoned baby was found under a illegitimate baby (=born to an unmarried mother)The number of illegitimate babies is unwanted babyUnwanted babies were frequently abandoned in the streets.a contented babyDanielle was a lovely contented + NOUNa baby boy/girlShe’s just had a lovely healthy baby girl.a baby son/daughter/brother/sisterWe’d like a baby brother or sister for clothes/foodCOMMON ERRORSDon’t say ‘she is waiting a baby’. Say she is expecting a baby.THESAURUSbaby a very young child who has not yet learned to speak or walkI sat next to a woman holding a baby.toddler a baby who has learned how to walkThe playground has a special area for toddlers.infant formal a baby or a very young childThe disease is mainly found in infants.little one spoken informal a baby, or a small child up to the age of about threeHow old is your little one?young the babies of an animal or birdKangaroos carry their young in a pouch.litter a group of baby animals that are born at the same time to the same motherOur cat has just had a litter of six kittens.Examples from the CorpusbabyThey have a five-year-old boy and a baby girl.Like a new lunar base, a baby must first master at least the arts of breathing and eating.And the fountain wasn't very high, just a baby really, as fountains went.A baby was crying upstairs.Bye, baby, I'll be back by six.The research doesn't mean there is some set of flashcards that will help babies be brighter.I have three boys, but he's my baby.Let's see if there are any nice baby clothes in the sales.a four-day-old baby girlThe new chamber orchestra is Turner's baby.The Plot John Henry was born with a hammer in his hand and was the strongest baby anybody had ever seen.Would you mind looking after the baby for us on Saturday afternoon?A white flag would mean the baby was a boy, and it was safe to return.Zoe had expected to be put in charge of the baby.This baby will do 0-60 mph in 6 seconds.But three babies, said Alix, it's impossible.