Topic: Construction

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconstructioncon‧struc‧tion /kənˈstrʌkʃən/ ●●○ AWL noun    1 BUILDINGS/ROADS ETCbuilding something [uncountable]TIMAKE the process of building things such as houses, bridges, roads etcconstruction of  the construction of a new airportunder construction (=being built)  The hotel is currently under construction.  a road construction project  construction workers2 MAKING something USING MANY PARTSmaking something from many parts [uncountable]TIMAKE the process of making something using many parts  Work out the exact design before you start construction. 3 way something is made [uncountable] the materials used to build or make something, or its design and structure  The houses were partly timber in construction.  External doors should be of robust construction.4 something BUILTa building/structure [countable] formalTBCBUILD something that has been built  a modern construction5 PHRASEgrammar [countable]SLG the way in which words are put together in a sentence, phrase etc  difficult grammatical constructions 6 IDEAS/KNOWLEDGEideas/knowledge [uncountable]MAKE the process of forming something from knowledge or ideas  the construction of sociological theory7 put a construction on something constructional adjectiveCOLLOCATIONSconstruction + NOUNthe construction industryThe construction industry had a hard time during the recession.a construction company/firmIt’s the largest construction company in Mexico.a construction workerThousands of construction workers are out of workConstruction work on the new road is expected to take two years.a construction site (=an area where something is being built)Safety is very important on a construction site.a construction project/programmeThere are always a lot of large construction projects in materialsexpensive construction materials like cement and steelconstruction costsThe total construction costs will reach £125 million.verbsbe under construction (=be being built)A new road is currently under construction.begin/start constructionDevelopers are planning to begin construction on a new housing project.complete constructionWe expect to complete construction in January.Examples from the CorpusconstructionConstruction of Highway 85 will begin soon.Construction of the dam is nearly complete.Construction on the tunnel will begin in April.I have a blue-tinged vocabulary that could make a construction worker blush."Time Passage" - a construction by Katherine Stutz-TaylorIt's sometimes hard for students to understand complex grammatical constructions.The statue shares space with dioramas, glassed-in scenes of the Capitol in various stages of its construction.These modular construction kits now include solar cells, rechargeable batteries etc.The company is developing several new construction techniques.The firm deals mainly in road construction.All this in turn helps the child in the construction of reversibility.The answer to this question involves an investigation of the construction of meaning in interaction processes.Most major toy companies have phone lines to help parents with the construction of toys.The construction industry has been severely affected by the recession.They are confident that their constructions are correct, even when they can not see them.This construction of the artist as hero is a primary marker of the modern period.About 3,000 housing units are under construction in the city.A genuine station building of great character - but of wooden construction and older than the railway itself!under constructionA new water treatment plant is now under construction.