Topic: Industry

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishindustryin‧dus‧try /ˈɪndəstri/ ●●● S2 W1 noun (plural industries)    1 [uncountable]TI a) the large-scale production of goods or of substances such as coal and steel  This type of software is widely used in industry.  workers in manufacturing industry b) TIthe people who work in industry  an agreement that will be welcomed by both sides of industry (=employers and workers)2 [countable]TI businesses that produce a particular type of thing or provide a particular service  I work in the oil industry.  Italy’s thriving tourist industry 3 [uncountable] formal the fact of working hard  Gould is a man of great industry.4 [singular]BWORK THAT somebody DOES an area of work which has grown too large – used to show disapproval  another book from the Shakespeare industryCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2ADJECTIVES/NOUN + industryan important/major industryAgriculture is still a major industry in Scotland.a thriving industry (=one that is doing very well)Software development soon became a thriving industry in the area.a growing industryTourism is a growing industry in many parts of the developing world.a declining industry (=one that is doing badly)Coal and steel are declining industries in Britain.manufacturing industry (=industries in which goods are produced in factories)The last twenty years has seen a decline in manufacturing industry.a service industry (=businesses that provide a service, such as banking and tourism)Most of the new jobs are in service industries.heavy industry (=industries that involve the production of large goods)Shipbuilding and other heavy industry developed in the north of Britain.light industry (=industries that involve the production of small goods)Jobs in light industry are increasing.modern industryModern industry needs to be in places where there are good transport links.a traditional industry (=an industry that has been in a particular area for a long time)The shipyards, the traditional industry in the northeast, had closed.the coal/car/textile etc industryThe town was very dependant on the car industry.the agricultural/fishing industryThere has been a decline in Britain’s fishing industry.the tourist/travel industryThe tourist industry earns billions of dollars per year.the leisure/entertainment industryComputer technology has revolutionized the entertainment industry.the film/music industry (=the work of producing films or music)She would really like to work in the music industry.verbsan industry grows/expandsThe clothing industry grew rapidly during the industry declines (=becomes less successful)The shipping industry declined after World War II.develop an industryMore investment is needed to develop new industries such as tourism.damage an industryFinancial scandals have damaged the industry in recent years.nationalize an industry (=make it owned by the state)The rail industry was nationalized in the 1950s, with disastrous results.privatize an industry (=make it privately owned, rather than owned by the state)The water industry was privatized in the 1980s.regulate an industry (=control an industry so that it does not make unfair profits)A new agency was created to regulate the telecommunications industry.industry + NOUNan industry leader (=one of the most successful companies in a particular industry)We are now a mature company and an industry leader.industry experts (=people who know a lot about a particular industry)Industry experts expect house prices to rise.industry analysts (=people who study a particular industry to see how it is developing)Industry analysts are expecting profits to improve in the second half of the year.phrasesa captain of industry (=someone who runs a large company and has a lot of influence)He rose to be a great captain of and industry (=producing goods, and buying and selling them)He works for the Department of Trade and Industry.Examples from the Corpusindustrythe airline industryWages in the clothing industry were found to be lower than in any other sector.Government money was poured into the economy in order to encourage industry.The Ruhr valley has always been the centre of German heavy industry.She was looking for a management position in industry.The chemicals are widely used in industry as refrigerants.Manufacturing industry was virtually wiped out in the UK during the 1980s.The region has tried to attract new industry in order to reduce unemployment.She has demonstrated a great deal of industry in finishing the project on time.The government encourages the development of industry with tax breaks.Many people moved from Asia to work in the British textile industry, where jobs were plentiful.Miami's tourist industry