Topic: Insurance

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinsurancein‧sur‧ance /ɪnˈʃʊərəns $ -ˈʃʊr-/ ●●● S2 W2 noun    1 [uncountable]BFI an arrangement with a company in which you pay them money, especially regularly, and they pay the costs if something bad happens, for example if you become ill or your car is damagedassurance, third party insurance  Your father took out insurance to cover the etc insuranceinsurance against  insurance against loss of income due to unemploymentinsurance on/for  Do you have insurance on your house and its contents?claim (for) something on your insurance (=get an insurance company to pay for something)  We can probably claim the damage on our insurance. life insurance 2 [uncountable]BFI the business of providing insurance  My brother works in company/group etc  the insurance industry3 [uncountable]BFI British English the money that you pay regularly to an insurance company SYN insurance premiuminsurance on  How much is the insurance on your car? 4 [singular, uncountable]PROTECT protection against something bad happeninginsurance against  An extra lock on the door is an added insurance against burglars. National InsuranceCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + insurancehealth/medical insuranceNone of her family have private health insuranceMost banks are also able to arrange travel insuranceHe was fined for driving without motor insuranceThe damage may be covered by your house insuranceSurprisingly few families have adequate life insurance.accident insuranceYou also get free travel accident insurance if you pay for your tickets with a credit card.comprehensive insurance (=car insurance that pays for damage whether it is caused by you or by someone else)The cost of comprehensive insurance is likely to drop.third-party insurance (=insurance that pays money to someone who is hurt or whose property is damaged by something you have done)You are legally obliged to take out third-party + NOUNan insurance policy (=an insurance agreement)This insurance policy represents excellent value for insurance claimShe filed an insurance claim for the missing insurance companyRachel works for an insurance insurance broker (=a company or person that arranges and sells insurance to people)Bellingham practised as an insurance insurance schemeThe costs involved in private medical insurance schemes have risen insurance premium (=money that you pay regularly to an insurance company)Your insurance premium is payable when you make your holiday insurance paymentHe'd fallen behind with his insurance insurance certificate/a certificate of insuranceThe courts recognize the insurance certificate as evidence of being coverThe scheme provides full insurance cover for pre-existing medical fraudInsurance fraud costs the industry millions of pounds each insurance salesmanHe offered me a post as a life insurance salesman.the insurance industryThe insurance industry is very competitive.verbshave insurance (=have an insurance policy)Do you have insurance on your yacht?be covered by insurance (=be included in an insurance policy)Flood damage isn't covered by the insurance.take out insurance (=buy an insurance policy)We decided to take out insurance on the house and its contents.get insurance informal:I'm thinking of getting house insuranceYou can buy insurance against risks of all kinds.claim something on your insurance (=get an insurance company to pay for something)He claimed the money back on his travel insurance.arrange insuranceA finance company will be able to arrange insurance for you.sell insuranceThe company sells insurance alongside its electrical covers somethingThe insurance covered the cost of rebuilding the house after the pays for somethingHis insurance paid for the damage to the car. Examples from the CorpusinsuranceMany Americans cannot afford health insurance.claim (for) something on your insuranceAnd they can't be claimed back on your insurance if it's a false company/group etcThe sale, which was expected, brings to a close a chapter that began when Xerox bought insurance company Crum.A few of the drugs are experimental and not covered by insurance companies.Mrs. Healey, comprehensively insured, would have had her legal expenses met by her insurance company.The insurance is normally placed with a well known national insurance company or a company approved by the landlord.Implausible though it may seem, insurance companies also provide a social service.I reckon even the insurance company will accept this one as a write-off.The insurance companies hid behind my old coats and baggy pants and my boots with the run-over heels.In the late 1950s, Wilshire boomed again, this time with insurance companies and banks.