Topic: Law

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlawlaw /lɔː $ lɒː/ ●●● S1 W1 noun    1 system of rules [uncountable] (also the law)LAW the whole system of rules that people in a particular country or area must obey  Elected officials ought to obey the law  By law, seat belts must be worn by all passengers.under English/international etc law  This is illegal under English law.2 a rule [countable]RULE/REGULATION a rule that people in a particular country or area must obey  laws passed by Parliamentunder a law  Five people arrested under anti-terrorism laws were released without on  European laws on equal opportunitieslaw against  The laws against drug use were very strict.see thesaurus at rule 3 law and order 4 the law5 NORMALwhat always happens [countable] something that always happens in nature or society, or a statement that describes thislaw of  the law of supply and demand  the laws of nature  the law of gravity6 study/profession [uncountable] (also the law) law as a subject of study, or the profession of being a lawyer  She’s studying law in London.7 sport/activity [countable]RULE/REGULATION one of the rules which controls a sport or activity  the laws of football 8 the law of the jungle9 the law of averages10 be a law unto himself/herself etc11 take the law into your own hands12 go to law13 be above the law14 there’s no law against something 15 there ought to be a law against something16 somebody’s word is law Sod's law, → lay down the law, → unwritten lawCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2verbsobey the lawCitizens have a duty to obey the law.break the law (=do something illegal)Is the company breaking the law?pass a lawNew Jersey passed a law requiring helmets for scooter riders.become law (=officially be made a law)For a bill to become law, it must be approved by both Houses of Parliament.make lawsPart of the function of Parliament is to make laws.introduce a lawIn 1989, a new law was introduced to protect the Polish language.enforce a law (=make people obey a law)It is the job of the police to enforce the law.flout a law (=deliberately disobey a law)Employers who flout the law should be properly punished.repeal a law (=officially end a law)Many people want the law to be repealed.a law prohibits something (=says that it is not allowed)The law prohibits possession of these animals.phrasessomething is against the law (=it is illegal)The children knew that shoplifting was against the law.stay/act within the law (=not do illegal things)The security forces must act within the law.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + lawstrict/toughthe country’s strict anti-tobacco lawstax/copyright/divorce etc law(s)an accountant who knows about tax lawcriminal law (=laws concerning crimes)Criminal law contains definitions of such crimes as murder, rape, and robbery.civil law (=laws concerning disagreements between people, rather than crimes)The punishment for breaking civil law is usually a law (=laws that all countries agree to obey)Under international law, the countries must respect the treaty.English/German etc lawThis is not an offence under English law.federal law (=the law of the US, not a particular state)Under federal law, it is illegal to discriminate against employees because of race or sex.state law (=the law in a US state)Under state law it was illegal for any public official to receive gifts worth more than $100.common law (=laws that have come from customs and the decisions of judges)In common law, if a house is rented out, it is expected that the house is safe to live law (=law based on previous court cases)There is little case law covering this issue.Examples from the CorpuslawBy law, an advertiser can't use a person's name for commercial purposes without permission.the economic law of supply and demandRefugees are accorded special protection under international lawtough new laws on immigrationShe practices law in New York.The soldiers were brought in to restore law and order after the riots.Andrew is studying law at Harvard University.It's against the law to be drunk in public.I didn't realize I was breaking the law.FIFA is the organization that runs world football and decides whether any of the laws should be changed.The law defines drunkenness as a certain percentage of alcohol in the blood.the law of gravitythe laws of cricketThis law makes it illegal to smoke in public places.under a lawThe Mosser and Murray deaths qualify for the federal death penalty under a law passed in August 1994.The offence was still not covered by any effective punishment under law.So the child may still have no redress under law.Revival under Law, 1911-1914 Few contemporaries would have expected Balfour's retirement to lead to a Unionist recovery.Second, it would ensure that workers enjoyed positive rights under law and reduce the emphasis of union immunities.Do you feel the tradition of citizenship and the tradition of parliamentary rule under law are incompatible?So under Law the language of the boardroom became commonplace on the platforms and in the propaganda of the party.