Topic: Leisure

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleisurelei‧sure /ˈleʒə $ ˈliːʒər/ ●●○ W3 noun [uncountable]    1 ENJOY/LIKE DOING somethingtime when you are not working or studying and can relax and do things you enjoy  Most people now enjoy shorter working hours and more leisure time.  Watching television is now the nation’s most popular leisure activity.  The hotel offers various leisure facilities such as a swimming pool and sauna.  The leisure industry (=the business of providing leisure activities) is now an important part of the economy.see thesaurus at fun2 at (your) leisure3 gentleman/lady of leisureCOLLOCATIONSleisure + NOUNleisure timeThey spend much of their leisure time with their grandchildren.a leisure activity/interestMany people have little time after work for leisure activities.leisure pursuits formal (=leisure activities)Ask about his hobbies and leisure pursuits.a leisure centre/complex (=a place where you can play sports etc)The local leisure centre has a swimming pool and a sauna.leisure facilities (=different places where you can play sports etc)The leisure facilities in the town are very good.the leisure industry/sectorThe leisure sector has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years.a leisure group (=a group of companies in the leisure industry)The leisure group reported record profits last year.Examples from the Corpusleisureleisure activitiesMountaineering, golfing, and fishing were among his leisure pursuits; he was a member of the Yorkshire Anglers' Club.The reduction in average working hours has led to an increase in leisure time.Aquasplash is Minehead's new indoor leisure pool opening in May 1992 with all weather fun for everyone.Your standard of living depends on your income and also on the amount of leisure you have.A wide range of leisure activities such as swimming, fishing, and sailing are also available.Other topics on which findings are ambiguous are the effects on leisure activity, crime, and degree of dependence on parents.The average person who travels for business or leisure probably has an e-mail account.For clubs in decent pitches though, offices or leisure complexes on part of their land can also provide cash.She will concentrate on securing and managing opportunities in the retail, leisure, office and industrial sectors.The reason for their very big standard errors become clearer from the specification of the leisure effects.leisure timeOlder people have disposable income and leisure time, key factors in their willingness and ability to buy and use computers.There is evidence that, in Britain, working time is increasing and leisure time declining.We can use our increased leisure time, energy and money, to improve life for ourselves and our families.Increased leisure time is a challenge for older people and most will welcome the challenge.A lot of people seem to have less leisure time these days.Research shows that people consistently overestimate the time they spend working and underestimate their leisure time.This is not a city where people know how to use leisure time.Eirias Park Spend your leisure time in Eirias Park - the park by the sea.