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decimaldecimal2 adjective    HMNHMNa decimal system is based on the number 10  changing to a decimal system  calculations accurate to three decimal places (=one of the numbers after the full stop in a decimal)Examples from the CorpusdecimalEach sub-system of the model was given a decimal code so that an audit trail could be established for the subsequent detailed analysis.This gives a maximum accuracy of just over 9 decimal digits.Likewise, finite decimal expressions of unrestricted length give us nothing new, since these are just particular cases of fractions.As the summary table above indicates, virtually all of the basic tasks concerning decimal number concepts proved to be extremely difficult.The general picture obtained for decimal place value is not a very happy one.Forbes can apparently spout the results of all presidential elections to the nearest decimal point.Alternatively this can be done by decimal subdivision.We do not follow the decimal system.decimal placesBetween equations, they marvelled that their tests would be scored to the whole point, instead of to five decimal places.F Format Numbers are printed with a fixed number of decimal places.In fact the sum is 0.99, the error being due to rounding to two decimal places.The first two questions require an answer with two decimal places although there is only one in the question.