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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdividenddiv‧i‧dend /ˈdɪvədənd, -dend/ noun [countable]    1 BFSa part of a company’s profit that is divided among the people with shares in the company2 British EnglishDGG prize money offered in a national competition called the football pools which people can win by correctly guessing the results of football games3 HMN technical a number that is to be divided by another number4 pay/bring dividendsExamples from the CorpusdividendFinal dividend on shares is held at 2.25p, reflecting the upturn in business in recent months.Profits reinvested in the corporation are available to finance future growth of the corporation or to pay future dividends.Capital gains, dividends and other unearned income would not be taxed.Most firms appear to have a target payout ratio of dividends to long-run reported earnings.For equity funds, the final column provides 52-week returns based on market prices plus dividends.These societies would have the duty of distributing the dividends from the shares on either a universal or a restricted basis.The dividend will be payable on June 10 to shareholders of record on May 29.