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equalequal2 ●●○ S3 W3 verb (equalled, equalling British English, equaled, equaling American English)    1 [linking verb]EQUAL to be exactly the same in size, number, or amount as something else  Two plus two equals four.  Prices become more stable when supply equals demand.2 [transitive]EQUAL to be as good as something else, or get to the same standard as someone or something else  Thompson equalled the world record.3 be equalled (only) by something4 [transitive]EFFECT/INFLUENCE to produce a particular result or effect  A highly-trained workforce equals high productivity.→ See Verb tableExamples from the CorpusequalAir pressure at sea level equals 1.03kg per square centimetre.Among young homeowners, the mortgage debt typically equals 78 percent of the house value.According to the first figures available, it is estimated that the national bank's exchange reserves equal a month's imports.It's so peculiar to think that you plus wife equals a new human being.The average retired worker gets $720 a month in benefits, which equals about 42% of earnings before retirement.Americans are finding out the hard way that drug possession equals jail in foreign countries.Three plus three equals six.The most efficient basis for the trade of goods is when demand equals supply.Butcher will attempt to equal Swenson's win record.But also by 1967, expenditure on education had for the first time in history equalled that on defence.It usually equals the atmospheric pressure.Also, when profits are driven down to zero, the degree of monopoly power equals the degree of economies of scale.