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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhundredhun‧dred /ˈhʌndrɪd/ ●●● S2 W2 number, noun (plural hundred or hundreds)    1 HMNthe number 100  The tree was probably a hundred years old.two/three/four etc hundred  I make nine hundred dollars a week.  a journey of 15 hundred mileshundreds of people/years/pounds etc  Hundreds of people were reported killed or wounded.2 a very large number of things or peoplea hundred  They’ve had this argument a hundred times before.hundreds of something  He’s had hundreds of girlfriends. 3 a/one hundred percent4 give a hundred percent5 [countable] a piece of paper money that is worth 100 dollars or 100 pounds hundredth adjective  her hundredth birthdayhundredth noun [countable]Examples from the CorpushundredA few hundred feet down is a tarred road.The last hundred feet of elevation form a near-vertical cliff, effectively turning the mesa into an imposing dark fortress.two hundred milesThe decision closes the doors on to hundreds of potential appeals by convicted drink-drivers.The best thing they could do was comb the hundreds of pubs in the area.The Secretary of State has presided over the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs in the defence industry in recent years.The Cardwell, all by itself, according to Bill Stultz, weighed a hundred pounds.The houses were in fact built in the eighteen hundreds to a design by Sydney Smirke for Bethlem Hospital.The impulse to stop arises after you have gone only a few hundred yards.a hundred yearstwo/three/four etc hundredIn that time they have built up a force of one hundred and fifty vehicles and three hundred and forty staff.The hundred shares index closed up seventy three points at two thousand four hundred and ninety three point one.There are shelves on another wall for about three hundred paperback books.For two hundred quids we are talking Les Miserables, nods being as good as winks.Since the program was created, roughly two hundred welfare recipients have participated in IndEx.They were scarcely two hundred yards distant; yet such was the gloom that they could not be clearly distinguished.Read in studio Boatmen are calling on local authorities to clean-up an historic section of a two hundred year old waterway.hundreds of somethingHundreds of people marched in protest.