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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmedianme‧di‧an1 /ˈmiːdiən/ noun [countable]    1 American English (also median strip)TTR a narrow area of land that separates the two sides of a big road in order to keep traffic travelling in different directions apart SYN central reservation British English2 technicalTM the middle number or measurement in a set of numbers or measurements that have been arranged in order3 technicalHM a line passing from one of the points of a triangle to the centre of the opposite sideExamples from the CorpusmedianThe values in table I are medians, and the quoted statistics clearly show the lack of significant difference.The base category acts in analogous manner to the fitted median with interval level data.One other possible method of smoothing would be to use means rather than medians.The median is not the mid-point between the first number and the last.The median was $ 1,375,000 and the top award was $ 7. 75 million.For continuous variables medians were used because the results lacked normal distribution.