round in Numbers topic

roundround2 ●●● S1 W2 adjective    1 CFCIRCLEshaped like a circle  a big round table  Jamie’s eyes grew round with delight.2 CFROUNDshaped like a ball  small round berries3 ROUNDfat and curved  round chubby cheeks4 HMN[only before noun] a round number or figure is a whole number, often ending in 0round up  Let’s make it a round figure: say £50?in round figures (=expressed as the nearest 10,100,1, 000 etc)  Altogether, in round figures, there are about three thousand students here.a round hundred/dozen etc (=a complete hundred etc) a square peg in a round holeroundness noun [uncountable]Examples from the CorpusroundIt's sunglasses all round as our richly-coiffed Tory front benchers try to fight eye-strain caused by their chrome-domed pinko opponents.His large round eyes probed Miguel that first time, as if he could look inside with ease.Violet stared at him with her huge round eyes.His stomach was big and round from drinking too much beer.He wore round glasses with wire rims.His bald round head reminded her of Sam.a short round manIt probably costs more, but $200 is a nice round number.Some women ground corn or wheat on huge round stones.In the kitchen there was a round table with a vase of flowers on it.European watermelons are much rounder than the American variety.The moon was perfectly round that night.The recipe calls for large round tomatoes.The boatmen who brought trade goods up the Missouri as far as the Yellowstone made $ 220 for the round trip.She drew a round yellow sun in the center of the round figuresThat's five and a half hours at a bit under two knots - say ten miles in round figures.The LibDems, in round figures, had 45 percent, Conservatives 25 percent and Labour 17.Estimates for the delay, given in round figures, ranged from two to eight hours.