Topic: Offices

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_806_pofficeof‧fice /ˈɒfɪs $ ˈɒː-, ˈɑː-/ ●●● S1 W1 noun    1 building [countable]BBO a building that belongs to a company or an organization, with rooms where people can work at desks  The department occupies an office just a mile from the White House.main/head office (=the most important office)  The head office is in Edinburgh.  Did you go to the office (=the office where you work) today?at the office  Have a nice day at the office.local/regional office  The agency has a network of regional staff/workers/equipment etc  Office staff need well-designed desks and chairs.  the increased demand for office space 2 room [countable]BBO a room where someone has a desk and works, on their own or with other people  the manager’s office  Sorry, Ann’s not in her office right now.  Dan shares an office with Lisa. 3 office hours4 job [countable, uncountable]PGO an important job or position with power, especially in government  the office of presidentin office  She was celebrating ten years in office.  A provisional military government took office (=started in an important job or position).hold office (=have a particular important job or position)  Trujillo held office as finance minister.  a five-year term of office (=period of time working in an important job) 5 Office6 place for information [countable]DLTT a room or building where people go to ask for information, buy tickets etcinformation/ticket etc office  the tourist office  Is there a lost property office? box office, post office, registry office7 doctor [countable] American English the place where a doctor or dentist examines or treats people SYN surgery British English8 somebody’s good offices/the good offices of somebody Examples from the CorpusofficeI never really enjoyed working in an office.Frank shares an office with Shirley.He sat on the edge of the bed and dialled his office number.Julian Hayman was in his office at the extremity of the ground floor.the supervisor's officeAlthough many solicitors offer fixed fee interviews they are given little publicity beyond referral lists and notices in some solicitors' offices.Years before, these must have been splendid offices.The next morning, I was called back to the office.the office of mayorAnd it is through this office that the collected intercepts are transmitted to the community.You are sitting in your office, and your hand is shaking as you read the memo announcing a new corporate restructuring. office staff/workers/equipment etcIt was handy since it opened directly on to the parking slots for office staff, much prized and intrigued over.To the lunchtime office workers politely watching the opening parade, Stockshow is a Marlboro world of fringed leather and fancy tack.You had to see it, this office building full of office workers, bureaucrats, rising in the air.The price of office equipment such as fax machines, photo copiers, answering services and computer networks could climb.For instance, the manufacturing wages are down, but not the office staff.The willingness to thin the office staff without let or hindrance.Stuart Seller has been promoted to the post of service supervisor at Washington office equipment supplier Comcare.It is thought that sudden exposure to intense sunlight is a trigger to melanoma, and young office workers are typical victims.term of officeStumpe was named sheriff of Wiltshire in November 1551, but died 22 July 1552, during his term of office.In 1951 Desfourneaux was succeeded by André Obrecht who dispatched over thirty criminals during his term of office.Before regaining power in 1919, Labour's last term of office was in 1911-12.It will however, be removed at the end of the current government's term of office in 1994.Of the 26 members, the terms of office of no less than seven came to an end.In 1940 Roosevelt broke with tradition and stood for a third term of office.The conservatives, having regained a parliamentary majority in 1990, dithered until they were half-way through their four-year term of office.information/ticket etc officeIt will be held in the Healthy Colchester 2000 information office in Trinity Street in the town centre.Forms can be obtained from their respective airport ticket counters, city ticket offices or from travel agents.Local information offices, open at times when visitors are around, could supply this, along with information about local accommodation.The new ticket office is in the new East Stand.Timetable details: Cut-off date to register with share shops or the share information office is July 2.For further information and advice please contact the Ticket Office.But the work of the ticket office needs looking at.I rang up the ticket office but just got a recorded message.