Topic: Optics

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishopticsop‧tics /ˈɒptɪks $ ˈɑːp-/ noun [uncountable]    the scientific study of light and the way we seeGRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?Optics is followed by a singular verb: Optics is a branch of physics.Examples from the CorpusopticsCurrently, there are more than 4,500 optics workers at Tucson's 136 optic firms.Heat had intimate links with chemistry, and optics with astronomy.All the substrates and optics for Mr Urvill's telescope were made here.But fiber optics may change all that.It was into bioengineering, lasers, fiber optics.His optics are internationally recognised to be of the highest quality.About 25 percent of these are New Economy companies, with only five involved directly in optics.When we calculate the uncertainty in position, Ax, we use formulae for resolving power which are derived from wave optics.