Topic: Temperature

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtemperaturetem‧pera‧ture /ˈtemprətʃə $ -ər/ ●●● S2 W2 noun    1 [countable, uncountable]TMT a measure of how hot or cold a place or thing is  The temperature of the water was just right for swimming.  Water boils at a temperature of 100ºC.2 somebody’s temperature3 have a temperature4 [countable]SITUATION the temperature of a situation is the way people are reacting, for example whether they are behaving angrily or calmly  The referee’s decision to give a penalty raised the temperature of the match.COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + temperaturehighAt high temperatures water is not able to hold as much oxygen.lowTemperatures were so low most plants could not survive.constantThe temperature of the room is kept constant.extreme temperaturesThe material has to be able to withstand extreme temperatures.sub-zero temperaturesThey spent six hours on the mountain in sub-zero temperatures.the air/water temperatureThe water temperature should be between 60 and 65°F.somebody's body temperatureHis body temperature was high and he was dehydrated.phrasesa rise in temperature/a temperature riseThe result was a rise in the Earth's temperature.a drop/fall in temperatureAt night there is a dramatic drop in temperature.a change in temperatureThe oil is affected by changes in room temperatureStore the wine at room temperature.verbsthe temperature risesThe temperature rose steadily throughout the morning.the temperature soars (=rises quickly to a high level)In summer the temperature can soar to over 40°C (104°F).the temperature falls/dropsLast winter, the temperature fell below freezing on only five days.raise the temperatureThe thermostat allows you to raise the temperature.lower the temperatureParacetomol lowers your body temperature.Examples from the CorpustemperatureTemperatures in the south of the country reached 30 degrees centigrade.The gas freezes at a temperature of 180C.The greenhouse is kept at a constant temperature of 40C.This was done by reacting the silver in the alloy with salt at high temperatures, leaving the gold unaffected.Steel is produced at very high temperatures.Professional film is stored at a low temperature to prevent it from deteriorating.Season buffalo steaks with salt and pepper to taste and let them rest for 1 hour at room temperature.The wine can be served at room temperature.In the eastern Pyrenees the high summer temperature can be oppressive.It was sunny, but the temperature was well below zero.The law only holds under certain conditions: The temperature must be constant.The temperature sunk near zero and stayed that way for weeks.The temperature is expected to go down below freezing during the night.The temperature of the water was just right for swimming.The temperature of the world's oceans has risen by more than 2 degrees in the past hundred years.All osmotic pressure measurements are extremely sensitive to temperature and must be carried out under rigorously controlled temperature conditions.The change in water temperatures that drives the weather can be as little as one or two degrees, Ellis said.You feel very hot - let me take your temperature.