From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Newspapers, printing, publishing, Music, Currenciesnotenote1 /nəʊt $ noʊt/ ●●● S1 W2 noun    1 to remind you a) [countable]REMEMBER something that you write down to remind you of something  Dave made a note of her address and phone number.  Keep a careful note of any problems you have with the software. b) make a (mental) note to do something to decide that you must remember to do something later  He made a mental note to arrange a time to meet her.2 notes3 short letter [countable]LETTER a short informal letter  I was going to write Kathy a note, but I decided to call her instead.  This is just a quick note to let you know that I won’t be in the office tomorrow.  a suicide note (=a note telling someone that you are going to kill yourself)  a thank you note (=a note to say thank you for something) 4 official letter [countable]PG an official letter or documentsick note British English (=a note saying that you are too ill to go to work or school)delivery note (=a document showing that goods have been delivered)diplomatic note (=a formal letter from one government to another) credit note, promissory note 5 additional information [countable]TCN a short piece of writing at the bottom of a page or at the end of a book or document which gives more information about something written in the main part  The notes are at the back of the book.explanatory/guidance notes  A set of guidance notes is provided to assist applicants in completing the form. footnote(1) 6 music [countable]APM a particular musical sound, or a symbol representing this soundhigh/low note  She has a good voice but has trouble hitting the high notes.7 Image of note money [countable] British English (also bank note)PEC a piece of paper money worth a particular amount of money SYN bill American Englishcoin  a ten-pound notesee thesaurus at money8 feeling or quality [singular]CHARACTER/PERSONALITY a type of feeling or quality when someone speaks or does somethingnote of  There was a note of doubt in her voice.  He brought a note of realism into the debate.on a ... note (=speaking in a particular way)  She ended her speech on a personal note.  On a more serious note, I’d like to thank everyone for all their support. 9 hit/strike the right/wrong note10 take note (of something)11 somebody/something of note12 worthy/deserving of note compare notesCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: verbsmake notes (=write them down)As he read the letters, he made careful notes.take notes (=write them down)The reporter took notes throughout the down/scribble notes (=write them down quickly)The jurors were scribbling notes as the witness gave evidence.write up notes (=write down what your notes say, using full sentences and more detail)It’s a good idea to write up your notes soon after a lecture.look/go/read through your notesI read through my notes before the exam.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + notes detailed notesI always make quite detailed notes after important meetings.copious notes (=a very large amount)She sat at the back of the hall and made copious notes.brief notes (=short and not detailed)He jotted down some brief notes.scrappy notes (=very short and not detailed enough)Her rather scrappy notes weren’t much use when it came to revision.lecture notes (=notes that a student writes down during a lecture)I missed class today; can I borrow your lecture notes?case notes (=notes that a doctor, social worker etc makes about someone)The researchers looked at the case notes of 500 patients with this type of cancer.medical notes (=notes that a doctor keeps about a patient)I asked if I could see my medical notes. Examples from the CorpusnoteNiels Bohr pointed it out to him and he had to add a note in proof to deal with the question.He was devastated when he arrived home to find a note from his wife, telling him their marriage was over.I was going to write Keisha a note, but I decided to call her instead.He left a note on his desk saying he would be back in 5 minutes.Mom left a note on the counter telling us she'd gone to the store.If you have any complaints, let me know and I'll make a note of them.I forgot to leave them a note to tell them we won't be home by dinnertime.I write a note for Joe and prop it against the scotch bottles on the bar.Marina spoke without using any notes.a diplomatic noteIt is amazing how expressive she makes each note sound.I have notes to myself all over the house.Some of the singers had a little trouble with the high notes.I expect his notes went into the university archives, and the rest of his belongings would have been sold off.She wrote a polite little note to Miss Henry, thanking her for her kindness.She ended her speech on a personal note, telling how the war had affected her family.Just a quick note to say Helen had a baby boy yesterday -- 8lbs 6oz.The bountiful buffet breakfast served each morning sets just the right note to start the day by the fresh-water swimming pool.There was a strained note in Fischer's normally relaxed voice.It brightens traditional noodle soups and adds a tangy note to spring rolls.The higher the notes, the higher the blood pressure.Additional sources are listed in the notes at the back of the book.There were notes on little yellow Post-Its stuck all over the report.She was self-assured and spoke without notes, having done this so many times before.Before a concert in Dublin, a hand-written note was pinned to the front door of the venue. write ... noteCarl wrote many notes to clients, while Bill wrote many songs.After reviewing the memo, Lake wrote a note to his secretary asking her to send the information to his broker.She wrote that note while pretending to look in her handbag.Some people find it helpful to write out their notes again before they file them.A stranger would not have known to write the three-page note referring to the business dealings of John Ramsey.She could have refused to write that note to her parents or walk obediently to the car and climb into the boot.I move again and try to write some notes, but it is cold enough to freeze the ballpoint off my biro.If you need to write, write notes on what is going on in class.sick noteMiss Maynard showed Mum my forged sick notes.You don't bring a proper sick note when you've been off school. explanatory/guidance notesDetailed guidance notes outlining the conditions which must be met to stay within the new law are being issued to all farmers.A set of guidance notes is provided to assist applicants in completing the form.Central Government publish general advice on a wide range of planning issues through planning policy guidance notes and circulars.To monitor, advise and produce guidance notes, when appropriate, on all new legislation affecting work of the section.The creation of a relatively simple index could help branch volunteers access some of the key information contained in the guidance notes.Approval from the Bar Council has been received to guidance notes prepared for those members wishing direct access to barristers.This should be annotated with explanatory notes for clarification. high/low noteHigh note: A scanner appeal has hit a high note after receiving a boost from Cleveland police.The year 1987 had arrived on a high note, but possibly a dangerous one.Rhayader noises he heard a clear, high note.Her singing, including lots of difficult high notes, was strong and beautiful.Its high notes are not of good quality.I hung up on that high note.As the melody soared and spiralled, Ari and Nathan spun within it, reaching for the highest notes.Analysis Have the students consider these questions in groups and report back to the class: Which bands give the highest notes?note of"Can you help me?" she asked, a note of hope in her voice.Councilman Buschman brought a note of realism to the debate.Take note of how much water goes through your meter in 60 seconds.notenote2 ●●○ verb [transitive] formal    1 ATTENTIONNOTICEto notice or pay careful attention to something  He carefully noted the time when they left the building.note (that)  Please note that the bill must be paid within ten days.  It should be noted that parking without a permit attracts a charge of £5.note how  Note how she is holding her racket. 2 NOTICEto mention something because it is important or interestingnote that  The judge noted that Miller had no previous criminal record.see thesaurus at say note something ↔ down→ See Verb tableExamples from the CorpusnoteMoreover, times have changed in another way, less commonly noted.No significant differences in sphincter pressure were noted.The report noted a complete disregard for safety regulations.He read the text carefully, noting down the queries to be resolved later.I noted her habit of looking at the floor whenever I asked her a question.I have already noted his rejection of utilitarianism as an interpretation of the aim and purpose of life.He chatted to her, noting how her face reddened every time Ian's name was mentioned.This condition means that the Pareto exponent and we may note that a rise in s 1 reduces the Pareto exponent.Please note that car hire is not bookable on Viewdata.I couldn't help but note that Jenny doesn't phone or call around to see you anymore.Note that the compound is more stable at high temperatures.He noted that the poverty level for a family of four is now about $ 16,000 a year.Mr Butterfield also notes that the rules apply to managers, too.It should be noted that the witness did not recognize the defendant.Encourage the children to note the colors and textures of the fabrics.In the central tradition, as noted, the depression was a routine affliction.Stuart noted the telephone number on a business card.Before leaving, she noted the times of the return trains.note (that)Daine's statue shook but didn't miss a note.The fact that in practice logistic problems in public libraries are not given enough attention is noted above.Promissory notes and bills of exchange are often guaranteed or endorsed by a third party of financial standing.That would be a good topic for a page or two of notes and ideas.I prayed again that I had not noted in detail any connection with Kay.Thomases' notes on conferences and bills suggest the billing records may have been in existence at the time.It is worth noting that s.47 applies to persons, thus covering a body corporate.note thatIt was noted that a sizeable minority of the Shop still wanted to fight for differentials.In Chapter 8 we noted that an externality occurs where private and social costs diverge.It is important to note that dialects are never purely regional, or purely social, or purely ethnic.It is curious, too, to note that echidnas also possess spurs but their venom gland is non-functional.Mr Clinton said, noting that he had asked staffs to keep working.A police spokesman noted that Miller had no previous criminal record.Second, note that such phenomena continued in the patristic period, at least in some circles.But he did make a point of noting that the children are living with him now.Please note that the museum is closed on Mondays.It is worth noting that this excess has been left to grow steadily over the best part of two centuries.From Longman Business Dictionarynotenote1 /nəʊtnoʊt/ noun1[countable] British EnglishBANKING a piece of printed paper that is used as moneySYNBANKNOTE, BILL AmEa ten pound note currency notes2[countable] a short letter or official documenta note from the chief executive advice note bond note bought note consignment note contract note cover note credit note debit note delivery note demand note prompt note rail consignment note road consignment note shipping note sold note3notes [plural]FINANCE used in the names of bonds or COMMERCIAL PAPER (=borrowing for less than a year by companies)The government has auctioned $15 billion of three-year notes (=borrowing that will be repaid after three years). convertible notes Euro medium-term note floating rate note loan note non-callable notes promissory note revenue anticipation notes secured notes senior notes subordinated notes Treasury notes unsecured notes see also sick notenotenote2 verb [transitive]1to mention something important or interesting so that people will notice it‘The big stores aren’t competing for space any more, ’ notes Davidowitz.note thatAnalysts note that unless the discount rate is lowered, a substantial stock market recovery isn’t likely.2to notice or pay careful attention to somethingPlease note the following amendments to the guidelines.note thatInvestors should note that these new long-term options are currently quite a risk.It’s worth noting that there’s now little real price differential between the two types of product.→ See Verb tableOrigin note1 (1200-1300) Latin nota mark, character, written note
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