on purpose

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon purposeon purposeDELIBERATELYdeliberatelydo something on purpose  You make it sound as if I did it on purpose! purposeExamples from the Corpuson purposeConsider in this connection the point I made earlier that comprehension is necessarily incomplete and dependent on purpose.I spilled my drink on purpose -- I needed an excuse to leave the room.He wasn't the kind of bloke to do it on purpose.Will always pronounces my name wrong. Do you think he does it on purpose?If I throw one up in the zone, it's not on purpose.The first time you step out, whether by accident or on purpose, a warning is imposed.Perhaps she had been dropped on to his path on purpose.Fire investigators believe the fire was set on purpose.If it was on purpose, the culmination of some evil conspiracy, well of course it will happen again.Is he really that dumb or is he acting that way on purpose?Yeah, we keep it that way on purpose.Whether on purpose or by mistake, Kimberly was exchanged for the baby who came to be known as Arlena Twigg.