From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsupremesu‧preme /sʊˈpriːm, sjuː- $ sʊ-, suː-/ ●○○ adjective    1 HIGH POSITION OR RANKhaving the highest position of power, importance, or influence  the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe  a country where the car reigns supreme (=is the most important thing)2 [only before noun]MOST the greatest possible  supreme courage in the face of terrible danger  It required a supreme effort to stay awake.  a matter of supreme importance3 make the supreme sacrificeExamples from the CorpussupremeIt was an interesting event for she has a distinct voice in which melody reigns supreme.It has become the supreme achievement for humans to convert themselves into a property that can be marketed with ease.Going in after the little girl was a supreme act of courage.the supreme commander of the fleetRather, it was an expression of supreme confidence in the immutability of his creation.They give this supreme effort for our entertainment.Amun-Re was the supreme state deity of the New Kingdom.A political society can not endure without a supreme will somewhere.reigns supremeIn the U.S., the automobile reigns supreme.And it is not only in Washington that this belief reigns supreme.But to do it without damaging the flora and fauna, horse power still reigns supreme.It was an interesting event for she has a distinct voice in which melody reigns supreme.Surely this is a show where the music reigns supreme.Total confusion reigns supreme, and an atmosphere close to mass hysteria ensues.His system of political patronage and agile intimidation of potential enemies reigns supreme in the economically depressed territories.The wide-cut style still reigns supreme over slimmer styles, and are easier to wear.The road lobby once again reigns supreme with rail freight raising prices to meet absurd Government targets.Origin supreme (1400-1500) Latin supremus furthest above, from superus; → SUPERIOR1